Advance Praise for The Castaway's War

cover of The Castaway's War

“Stephen Harding is the best kind of war historian: clear, fact-based, precise, careful to avoid hype and tall tales—but also sensitive to the intensely human drama of men struggling to maintain their existence and sanity—and even dignity—under the most dire and extreme circumstances. In Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller, Harding has found a character for the ages and told a gripping story of survival and quiet heroism.”
Evan Thomas, author of John Paul Jones and Sea of Thunder

“Stephen Harding is an extraordinary historian, has somehow found a virtually unknown story about World War II, then told that story with such detail and precision that it comes alive—and is impossible to put down. The Castaway's War reads like a thriller, proving again that true history has a punch that few novelists ever achieve.”
Alan Furst, bestselling author of Dark Star and Night Soldiers

“Stephen Harding has done it again! He has somehow found a truly extraordinary story from World War II that has all the elements of a Hollywood thriller or adventure movie, and yet is true in every regard. We’re all familiar with the stories of sole Japanese who stayed in obscure island jungles fighting on after the peace, but here is its exact mirror image: an American who fought on during wartime on an island from which he had no hope of escape. Unbroken meets The Sands of Iwo Jima.”
Andrew Roberts, author of Napoleon and The Storm of War

“Stephen Harding pulls back the jungle canopy on Arundel Island to uncover a riveting story of courage and resilience from World War II. The Castaway’s War weaves together meticulous research and gripping storytelling to bring alive a story that transcends the war. At its heart, this is a book about finding the inner strength to battle on.”
Brian Murphy, author of 81 Days below Zero

“In The Castaway's War, noted author Stephen Harding brings to life an epic tale of one man triumphing over the elements, fear, privation, and the Japanese. In stirring prose, Harding relates the saga of naval Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller, a World War II Robinson Crusoe whose amazing exploits while stranded on a Japanese-controlled island seem ripped from fiction. His tale, ably brought to life through Harding's skillful prose, shines as an example of what one person can achieve.”
John Wukovits, author of Hell from the Heavens and For Crew and Country

“An author who knows how to tell an exciting war story, Stephen Harding delves into [this] incredible survival tale….An amazing journey through adversity and desperation.”
Kirkus Reviews